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Simple Sustainable Lifestyle
The blueprint to guide you to a life less ordinary,
soften your footprint on the world,
and simplify your life...
Discover How to Create Your
Simple Sustainable Lifestyle

Learn how to make your own home and body products.
Take control over what your family puts in and on their bodies.

Download these simple baking recipes to save you spending at the shop.
Can't bake? No problem.
I''ll take you through them step-by-step.

Discover how easy it is to start your own garden - whether you have space or not.
I've got plenty of solutions for you.

Slash your grocery bill!
I'll share advice, tips, and practical insight from what I do so you can start saving today.
Now You CAN Make A Difference
In The World...
  • How amazing would it feel to have complete control about how you live?
  • To know EXACTLY what you're putting on your body and into the mouths of your family...
  • At the same time know you're helping the world...
  • AND put money right back in your own pocket ...
This Lifestyle Is Easy to Create...
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How it works: A step-by-step blueprint for your own life
Simple & easy guide to creating your sustainable lifestyle
Creating a simple sustainable lifestyle is about stripping back the complexity we’ve built into our society, get out of the rat race, soften your footprint on the world, and put back the freedom and personal responsibility for your own life.
  • Know exactly what you're putting on your body and in the mouths of your family
  • Take complete control for how you live your life
  • Discover how to put money back into YOUR pocket
  • Simplify your life and soften your global footprint
  • Rest easy knowing you're doing your part for positive change in the world
Our family of 4 lives on $120
a week for groceries!
Why Do We Live on $120 Per Week?

I’m Angela Stembridge, and I have always had a budget for my family's grocery shopping.

Before we started our journey to sustainable living it used to be about $200 for the four of us.

In 2010 we lost over $100,000.00 on a bad business partnership and were struggling financially.

It became a necessity to look at where we could reduce expenses.

I’ve always done some sort of baking and had a small garden, but now I decided to get really serious with it.

I sat down with my husband and kids and had a discussion about my decision. I was going to cut out bought snacks for the kids and make more things myself.

I decided not to buy bread but make it myself.

I look for specials at the supermarket, the $120 includes everything, meat as well.

I don't use bought sanitary products, preferring instead to use a reusable moon cup. This alone has saved me early $400 in the last 3 years.

We increased the size of our vege garden. I still shopped at the weekly fruit and vegetable market as it worked out a lot cheaper than the supermarket.

It made life so much easier having the whole family on board with what I was wanting to do.

I started investigating recipes for making my own home and body products such as shower gel, deodorant, shaving cream.
We make moisturiser (the lavender moisturiser also use gets used for scrapes and bruises. The kids call it 'magic cream').

Basically if I have to look at buying a product, I will look up a recipe and attempt making it at home instead.

3 years later and we still stick to a budget of $120 per week.

Today we live in Wanaka. A tourist town where things cost a bit more.

But I'm finding it easy to keep within our budget. Sustainable living has just become a way of life for us.
And yes, it helps that I enjoy baking and doing the garden.

I'm passionate about showing people how easy it is to live sustainably.

Even when you work full-time, have a big family, teenagers etc, if you really want to save money on your groceries you’ll be glad you made the shift to the simple sustainable lifestyle.

Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Free Range Family
Simple Sustainable Lifestyle
Simplify Your Life

Soften your footprint on the world. Help give your kids a future worth living in.

Gain the freedom to create your perfect lifestyle ... how you want, where you want, and do what you want

Simplify your life, keep more money in your pocket, and have a healthier family and you.
What You Get With
Simple Sustainable Lifestyle
The Simple Sustainable Lifestyle Program is designed take you step-by-step and show you how easy it is to make sustainable living part of your everyday life.

You can design your own personal blueprint for sustainable freedom to follow starting today.

4 easy to follow modules
These 4 modules will help you simplify your life and get you up and running with sustainable living in no time.

Overcome the "no time" or "too hard" mentality that stops most people from ever starting to change their life.

And don’t worry if you’re unsure how to get started.

The Simple Sustainable Lifestyle Program is designed take you step-by-step and show you how easy it is to make sustainable living part of your life.

A community support group
No-one is an island. Connect with like-minded souls and share ideas, challenges, solutions, and stories about creating your simple sustainable lifestyle.

Plus! Receive a Free Skype Chat
Or Google Hangout. We'll catch up for 60 minutes and figure out a plan to get you living your simple sustainable lifestyle from the get-go.

Your own personalised blueprint
Sustainable living is not cookie-cutter living. Everybody lives their life differently and even a little chnage to sustainable living is a positive step.

You don't need to make sweeping changes to how you live your life. The Simple Sustainable Lifestyle Program gives you a blueprint that suits how sustainably free you want to live. Whether that's plastic free, or completely off-the-grid.

The choice is yours.

The FREEDOM to live your ife
Gain the freedom to create your perfect sustainable lifestyle, soften your footprint on the earth, and leave a better world for your kids.

Bonus N#2: Monthly Webinar
Each month you'll receive exclusive access to a webinar where I'll take you through a strategy for creating your simple sustainable lifestyle step-by-step.
7-Day Money Back Guarantee
money-backTry Simple Sustainable Lifestyle Now For 7 Days Risk Free!

I'm fully confident that you'll love Simple Sustainable Lifestyle on a whole new level.
If by any chance you aren't as satisfied, then send us a support ticket and we'll do a full refund.

As you always wished, this is a 'No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee.
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